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  • I was going to suggest the same thing that Shannon did:  Shakespeare on Toast by Ben Crystal.  I found his style absolutely delightful and inviting.  He was informative, but not dry.  If you're looking for a novel, I recently read  Saving Hamlet by Molly Booth (actually ...

  • Ginger, You  might consider one of the Hogarth Shakespeare series novels -retellings of some of Shakespeare's plays in novel form by some really terrific contemporary authors.  I think Anne Tyler's take on The Taming of the Shrew , titled Vinegar Girl , could be an interesting ...

  • I teach 7th grade, so most of the novels I'm recommending appeal to that age group. I love Summerlost by Ally Condie, King of Shadows by Susan Cooper, and The Sweet, Terrible, Glorious Year I truly, completely lost it by Lisa Shanahan. ------------------------------ Hayley ...

  • That Shakespeare Kid by Michael LoMonico might be a nice summer read for students. It is accessible for student readers, does a wonderful job of introducing Shakespeare's language in a non-threatening way, and it is an entertaining read. :) ------------------------------ ...

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    A fun read is The Wednesday Wars. It's great for middle school students but would work for older students as well. It introduces a number of Shakespeare plays and is set in the school year 1967-68, a nice connection to the 50th anniversary of the tumultuous year 1968 as ...


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  • By Peggy O'Brien Teaching Colleagues, My heart is bursting, bursting for the students and teachers of Stoneman Douglas High School. I ache for the dead and the families and friends and students of the dead. I ache for the time that the healing will take. I ache for those who won’t ever heal. I ache that school invasions... Continue Reading The post IN PRAISE OF HIGH SCHOOL appeared first on Folger Education .
  • By Mark Miazga Editor’s Note: This school year, we are highlighting individual lessons from our CrossTalk education project, Essential Everyday Bravery: Thinking and Talking about Identity and Difference in Your Classroom. To learn more, check out the CrossTalk webpage. Earlier we featured a lesson by Baltimore teacher Amber Phelps, who gets students thinking deeply about identity and vulnerability through... Continue Reading The post CrossTalk Featured Lesson: Inner Monologues appeared first on Folger Education .
  • By Peggy O'Brien Teaching Colleagues, Happy 2018! We are finally able to announce to the universe—and we totally consider each and all of you our universe!—two major steps in our ability to better serve you and your work. Huzzah! We are totally psyched to share this with all of you. Here we go: Short Prologue #1 (i.e. quick... Continue Reading The post Big News from the Folger! appeared first on Folger Education .