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  • Hi Community! Are there any resources here on the Folger site for teaching "The Comedy of Errors"?  I have looked and have not found anything.  I am a little surprised... maybe I am not looking in the right place??? Help, anyone! Thanks- Heather ------------------------------ ...

  • We've had a Shakespeare course for years, and yes, it is NCAA approved. We just revised our course description as the old one didn't match the course anymore. The old description made the course sound like a history course about Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theatre (too much ...

  • The NCAA lists only two requirements for course approval in English. The course must be: 1. at or above the high school's regular academic level 2. taught by a qualified instructor There's some information at: http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future/core-courses-counselors ...

  • That's so exciting that you get to pitch a Shakespeare elective class!! Currently, my high school is going through a huge shift and reintroducing electives ("choices") in our curriculum. Any of you guys that have a Shakespeare class know if your class is NCAA approved? ...

  • Here's a crazy idea: tie Shakespeare to STEAM or STEM or whatever your district calls it!  The theater is the original " makerspace " and you can show how the study of Shakespeare, especially with the Folger method of getting students on their feet to make meaning, can offer ...


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