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  • Another  easy adaptation is based on the resource, Silent Scenes .  Have the students in a group take a paragraph with a few characters from the novel that they are currently reading. Using the model in Hamlet's Dumb Show, have them write a silent scene of that paragraph. ...

  • Here's an idea for the Declaration of Independence . Have the students chorally (together) read the opening paragraphs. Make sure they read it with some emotions. But when they get to the "He has refused...". lines, go around the room and have each student read a line. ...

  • Round-robin read around works well for most complex texts, including Jonathan Swift's essay, ""A Modest Proposal."  I imagine "Tossing Lines" would also work well for this piece, and although I didn't do it this term, I am adding it to my plan for next semester. ------------------------------ ...

  • Thanks, Mari. I just tried it with the Hamlet lines. I like my version better than Shakespeare's. ;o) Cheers, Skip skip@nicholson.net ------Original Message------ What are some resources on Forsooth! you are able to modify easily for any play or non-Shakespeare lessons? ...

  • What are some resources on Forsooth! you are able to modify easily for any play or non-Shakespeare lessons? One fun, quick, and engaging activity for tactile learners is Scrambled Sentences. I have used this activity as a filler activity, a way to show and identify iambic ...


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  • By Folger Education It’s the home stretch! As you wind up this school year and look to summer and beyond, we hope you’ll let us help you refresh, recharge, and revamp. Please join Folger Education and a great group of like-minded teachers for all kinds of online professional development this summer! Save the dates below, and keep an... Continue Reading The post Summer Professional Development with Folger Education—Online!  appeared first on Folger Education .
  • By Folger Education Please join us on the Teacher Member level of Forsooth! (teachingshakespeare.folger.edu) for two weeks of special access to and professional learning with Skip Nicholson, beloved mentor teacher in the Folger family, high school English teacher for over 40 years, AP English and NCTE superstar, and faculty at UC-Riverside Extension! On Thursday, May 10th, at 8:00PM... Continue Reading The post CHAT WITH SKIP NICHOLSON AND THE FOLGER TEACHING FAMILY! appeared first on Folger Education .
  • By Folger Education Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published here on our blog on March 22, 2016. I work at a school for students with learning differences, so I’m always looking for ways to create multiple points of access for every text my students study.  One of my favorite ways of doing that is through multimedia creation. ... Continue Reading The post Throwback Thursday: “A thousand twangling instruments”: Using media production to teach Shakespeare appeared first on Folger Education .