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    RE: Shakespeare Trivia!

    Ummmm...where is this Shakespeare Trivia night and how do I get an invitation?  lol ------------------------------ Joy Docherty Long Island, NY ------------------------------

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    Shakespeare Trivia!

    Hi! I am in charge of a "Shakespeare Trivia Night" in two weeks. I am asking for your best Shakespeare trivia (I can go online, but I want this to be a challenging but fun and educational event, so I decided to ask you, the experts!)--any topic is ok as I have a number of ...

  • She should run with it, Madeline! PO'B Peggy O'Brien, Ph.D. Director of Education Folger Shakespeare Library 202.675.0372 @obrienfolger Sent quickly and from my phone ------Original Message------ Hi! I am applying this year as well, and my student asked me  if there ...

  • Hi! I am applying this year as well, and my student asked me  if there are any guidelines/templates she should follow or specific qualities of the teacher she should discuss in the letter. Before I let her run with it, is there anything I should tell her to address? ...

  • So sorry for the delayed response! I only now saw there were additional responses to this forum. Peggy, Thank you so much for the clarification. I think that I will use the idea of cutting lines from Acts IV/V of Caesar, as suggested by this community! As for smaller ...


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  • By Mark Miazga Editor’s Note: This school year, we are highlighting individual lessons from our CrossTalk education project, Essential Everyday Bravery: Thinking and Talking about Identity and Difference in Your Classroom. To learn more, check out the CrossTalk webpage. Earlier we featured a lesson by Baltimore teacher Amber Phelps, who gets students thinking deeply about identity and vulnerability through... Continue Reading The post CrossTalk Featured Lesson: Inner Monologues appeared first on Folger Education .
  • By Peggy O'Brien Teaching Colleagues, Happy 2018! We are finally able to announce to the universe—and we totally consider each and all of you our universe!—two major steps in our ability to better serve you and your work. Huzzah! We are totally psyched to share this with all of you. Here we go: Short Prologue #1 (i.e. quick... Continue Reading The post Big News from the Folger! appeared first on Folger Education .
  • By Folger Education Teaching Colleagues, Happy holidays to you and yours! We hope the season brings you abundant peace and joy. The Teaching Shakespeare! blog will be taking a short winter break until January 10th, at which point we’ll return with new teaching resources. Think you’ll have a Shakespeare teaching emergency before then? Or maybe you just want... Continue Reading The post Holiday Hiatus for the Blog—but Forsooth! Buzzes On! appeared first on Folger Education .