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  • Hi, all, Big news! Something new! On Wednesday, April 25th, Greta Brasgalla, our expert teacher in residence for this and next week, will be doing an "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) teacher chat on the Teacher Member level of Forsooth!  Are you in the middle of a unit and needing ...

  • I think I own seven different filmed versions, including the Japanese Throne of Blood and the delightful but probably not school appropriate Scotland PA.  My go-to version is the one produced at the Folger.  It comes with the red Folger paperback from 2009. If you search ...

  • Years ago Ian McKelken performed a one man show (that was taped) called Acting Shakespeare. At the end he explains the "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" speech. It's wonderful. If you can find a copy, I recommend it.  Also, I'm sure you've thought of this, but some students ...

  • The Patrick Stewart version is a little racy but my students were spellbound ! They had done the " cutting a scene " exercise for 3 scenes. They enjoyed seeing " their" scenes on film . ------------------------------ Christine Shugrue Instructor Early College Experience ...

  • Favorite Film Version of Macbeth: 1983 TV Movie with Nicol Williamson and Jane Lapotaire ------------------------------ Mark Townsend ------------------------------


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  • By Folger Education Exciting news! Starting this month on the Teacher Member level of Forsooth!, our new online home for teachers, we’ll be featuring Expert Teachers in Residence and creating all kinds of opportunities for our Teacher Members to connect with them and with one another. What is this whole “Expert Teacher in Residence” thing? A new program,... Continue Reading The post Announcing a Whole New Resource for Teachers! appeared first on Folger Education .
  • By Folger Education Dearest Teaching Colleagues, Did you know that Folger Education has a new online home for teachers called Forsooth! where anyone who has taken the plunge and become a Teacher Member of the Folger can… …Share summer reading ideas with classroom teachers from over 55 different territories/states? Watch our Master Class: Teaching Othello—a recorded hour of... Continue Reading The post Did You Know…? appeared first on Folger Education .
  • By Peggy O'Brien Teaching Colleagues, My heart is bursting, bursting for the students and teachers of Stoneman Douglas High School. I ache for the dead and the families and friends and students of the dead. I ache for the time that the healing will take. I ache for those who won’t ever heal. I ache that school invasions... Continue Reading The post IN PRAISE OF HIGH SCHOOL appeared first on Folger Education .