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Writing a Group Sonnet 

05-26-2017 11:26

This is a good exercise in collaborative learning as composing a sonnet as a class or a group can be an effective way of reinforcing understanding of the sonnet’s pattern and of paving the way for writing individual sonnets.


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06-05-2017 20:04

My acting students have a 3-part Sonnet assignment that asks them to Compose, Edit, (rehearse) and Read a Sonnet.  I do a similar exercise as Writing a Group Sonnet, and call it the Sonnet Squad.  It starts with a Flipped Lesson, of me teaching the rules of a Sonnet.  The next day in class, to ensure they all know the rules, they are divided into groups to refresh the rules (the learning pyramid tells us that they retain the most information when they learn from each other).  They are given a worksheet and rules handout and come up with their own topic for a love poem, then the groups of 5 or 6 write one quatrain and a couplet, THEN...they rehearse and read it in front of the class, using vocal elements to make it interesting to hear.
P.S.  I'm not sure if this type of feedback is the game that is afoot, but I think it is!

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